Infinity Blade III App Reviews

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Crashing at start

Hi whoever reads these comments, this games seems awesome with graphics, but Im on an iPad mini with retina display, and after the first fight with the almighty god, it crashed and thereafter only started till loading sword screen before crashing again, and again, and again. I tried redownloading it, closing it for good, but well, it just doesnt work!!! Hope this will get fixed.

Was perfect until update

Now game wont open anymore and was easily a 5 star game on the iphone 5

My game reset

I update it and now I resart from 0 !!!!The game is cool but this ?!?!


Tha last update has been delete all my progress from infinity blade 3..... I want support!!


Do not update! This damn release erased all my game saves! Have to begin from 0 almost 2 momths worth of daily gemplay screwed!!! Nao atualize porque reseta todos os saves pro 0, voce perde todo seu progresso!! Ridiculo!!.,

Dont buy it

Dont buy this game. Its made only for the two last generations of iOS devices. Just ran poorly on my iPhone 4S, taking a lot to load and restarting randomly.

I lost everything, I want some answers

After at least 40 hours play, the update screw me. My Game doesnt even open anymore. I want what I paid for, plus a lot of IB3 cash to restart. Big mistake guys. How do you put an update without testing it?? Very unprofessional.

Fun game.......when it actually works!!!!!

Game keeps crashing left and right, cant even get it to load anymore, awesome! Good times!

Best of the 3

I have all 3 titles, and am enjoying this one as much (actually even more) than the previous two.

Dont buy on iPod 4th gen

You lying money grabbing jerks, dont day it works on iPod 4th gen if it doesnt, I used to love your games and your engine epic, but just cause this isnt more optimized for devices other than the iPhone 5 doesnt mean it should be a constantly crashing piece of buyers remorse, I hope you fix this sooner than the year and a half it took you to fix inifinity blade 2s crash problem Sincerely A very disappointed fan inspired to become A software engineer working on your engine


This game is fantastic I love the direction chair has taken it!


Its a great game but it keeps crashing on the load screen

The latest update...

Before the update, this game was great. I finished the story and I had some pretty good and expensive armour, decent weapons, that sort of thing, but after the update I went to go check it out and all my progress was removed. It was back at the prologue and when i finished it all my gold, weapons, armour, rings, everything was gone. Hoping Chair has some sort of fix but I dont know...

Dont update

Lost all progress. Huge waste of time and money

Great game!

Definitely a little buggy, but all in all, great as were the first two. Thanks for the 15,000,000 gold too!

Dont get ripped off

No wonder its 50 percent off it dosnt work talk about a scam its fun fix the bugs before you go taking people moneys way to build a reputation

Highly addictive

This is a fantastic vision of what an iOS driven game is capable of. Graphics and gameplay are excellent, and teird out loot grinding system has me stuck playing for hours!


It is quite a good game and worth the price especially on the iPad. I wish they had Radriar and the Workers armour available though.

Great Game!

Its wroth every dollar! If u wanna get a game from the App Store this yr, get this one!

Keeps getting better

This 3rd instalment raises the bar over the second one and vastly over the original! Highly addictive gameplay and gorgeous graphics once again as in previous predecessors.

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